Who am I? I’ve been writing since I was six so I’ve had lots of practice. In between more creative pursuits, I did some scientific writing, articles and marketing collateral; I learned that all writing counts. I’ve managed to publish articles, stories, two books and even a poem. Along the way, I’ve met wonderful characters, had some amazing experiences and created notebooks full of great ideas. A constant theme has been my desire to write. Though I love writing fiction and continue to craft short stories, right now, I feel called to work on non-fiction, specially my ‘Savvy’ series. Initially, I simply wanted to help my friends have more fun at work while worrying less about layoffs. That inspired Career Savvy. But soon, readers started asking, “What about me? Can’t you write about my concerns?” I’m now working on the next book aimed at retirees and pre-retirees. But the fiction ideas keep coming, so who knows? I love writing Christmas stories, horror and suspense. I am a native Californian though I spent my early years in Michigan and then Illinois. If you looked me up, you’d think I’d been in IT forever, but in fact, I was pre-med back when every other college kid dreamed of being a doctor. Frustrated in that goal, I ended up with an MS in biochemical genetics just at the moment the government cut funding to the sciences. Luckily, I had other options. Traveling the globe both for fun and business, I’ve been lucky to be able to broaden my world view. As a diver, I’ve also explore the undersea world. I’m a home chef (cookbook, someday?), a wine and beer lover and of course, a passionate reader. Afflicted with ‘career ADD,’ I am a writer and a personal coach. I also run a marketing services company. When I get too crazed with work, my rabbit, Francisco (Cisco) d’Anconia comes up and nibbles my leg; this helps me remember the things that really matter. I live in Walnut Creek, CA with my husband and my fur-child.